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Posted: 13th January 2012 by ITVNPartner in ITVN

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  1. ITVNPartner says:

    Watching ITVN is like having church 24/7 in your life, I thank God for ITVN

  2. Constance says:

    God is Wonderful

    I am so greatful to be a family of IFCM. Life has never been so joyful & certain until i came to IFCM. I am looking forward to bonanza days ahead.

    Phambili with ITVN

  3. chungu fillingston says:

    I thank God for the servant of God Our Dad Prophet Philip Banda and for the vision He has entrusted with him. I am blessed to be a partaker of this vision may God continue to increase him & anoint him the more to the salvation deliverance & healing of thousands upon thousands all over the world.Thank you lord even for ITVN I am being blessed.

  4. Thuletu says:

    Thank you God for my Daddy Prophet Philip Banda, I’m so grateful to be part of such church that is doing the works of JESUS CHRIST! We hearing so much truth and I pray that it will also change the world and that people will come to know Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour. I pray that through ITVN many people’s lives will be changed!

  5. Marie says:

    To God be the glory. I thank God for the Man of God Prophet Philip Banda in my life.

  6. Dinah Namutowe says:

    When i miss church i dont totally feel it because ITVN is right inside my house.I love papaz teaching i follow them nicely.I thank God for the man of God and what his teachings are doing in my life.

    Happy Bonaza

  7. Ginah says:

    I came to IFCM broken,ugly,lost,lonely and sick.When i met the Man of GOD Prophet Phillip Banda my entire life changed, truly u can not meet a true Prophet of God and b the same. I encourage those that watch ITVN to know that GOD cannot be limited by distance all u have to do is to receive & believe the Prophet of GOD because he is talking to us on behalf of the Almighty GOD.May many souls repent & turn back to GOD through ITVN, Remember this is year of “way out & bonanza “

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  9. Alison says:

    I thank God for ITVN; for Prophet Philip Banda and for our church Impact for Christ Ministries. From the first day I stepped in this church I was amazed by the works of God in this place.WOW!!! The choir sounds amazing; To the choir I wish blessings upon blessings and a greater future in the music industry; u will bring many souls to God thru your music.To the staff and all our Pastors u r amazing,great and truly courageous may God bless u for humbling yourself to do his work and to our dear Prophet Philip Banda truly may God bless u and provide to all your needs u hav been a blessin to me and my family and no matter what the world says I know God has sent u to be a man of truth and of the Word of God.may God bless your beautiful and amazing wife mama Tesha and your wonderful children.There is many things to say but I am speechless God is powerful. This church,our church will grow and spread in this world.Let the joy of Lord be your strength and may His annointing and His Holy Spirit be upon and with u forever more. I thank God for ITVN and IFCM.God bless. Shalom

  10. Ntombifuthi Kupeka says:

    I have just installed christian channels a month ago. My father told me about impact for christ ministries I watch every day I learn a lot of things especially because I was a back slidder. I came twice at the church the first time was on the 13th of jan 2012 at a night prayer and also came again on the 18th jan 2012 I will love to be a member during the week I’m working I can manage to come on sundays kindly advice how do I go about being a member?

    Your’s trully
    (Lakeside, Orange Farm, South Africa)

  11. cecilia Dawa says:

    Iam hereby asking your kind ministry to help me get there for prayers for break through in my family,and my personal life.

    what proccess to take.
    Thanks in advance for positive respond.

  12. joe tshimwang says:

    i’m verry happy to have now ITVN in my home,distance is not a barrier ,let my GOD bless ITVN. BOTSWANA

  13. I think there’s an issue with the RSS feed here. Looks like a broken link to me?

  14. I am very excited for ITVN. I need to thank God for making ITVN successfully.
    I was nothing without God but now I’m somebody God has change my life around.

  15. Joyce says:

    ITVN is no one, my life is changed through IFCM. Thank you for the love daddy. May God almigthy bless you and increase you abundantly. There is no father like you.

  16. cheuleu alain thimothee says:

    je vis au gabon mais camerounais d origine enseignant et j apprecie l oeuvre du prophete mais j ai besoin d aide pour quitter le peche et servir dieu en esprit et en verite je suis comme captif et je vais de mal en pire meme lorsque je fais le bien on ne me le rend pas aiderz moi

  17. cheuleu alain thimothee says:

    my phone number is 0024105128865 please my english is not good

  18. Okonkwo Stephen says:

    Daddy Blessed is the womb that gave birth to you.I know it has not been easy for you coming this far if it had not being God. I personally thank God for his grace over your life ,and iam happy for you.i believe in the impartation of spirit like that of moses and his leaders.please iam set for an impartation from you.+233247785493 is my cell no.it is well with you

  19. Farai Njabulo Matizirofa says:

    I want to thank God so much for what is happening.You know I don’t think twice to flip to your channel where I see God at work.I am always with my note book writing down what you will be saying.I am so encouraged with words of wisdom,anointed preaching ,the power of God that I see.You know I was watching one and I touched the screen{even you did not say touch the screen} but I felt the power of God coming in me.There are so many things Iam learning.Thank you, thank you so much.By God’s grace I will come down to Jo’burg.We love you me and my family.

  20. Panna says:

    Since the inception of ITVN last year, there has been great transformation for me and my entire family. Thank you Prophet Philip Banda for the uncovered truth in the Word of God.

  21. faithN says:

    I thank God Almighty for ITVN in my home.There has been great transformation for me and my family.Thank you so much for God Aimighty to give such a wonderful father prophet philip Banda.I’m so blessed to be in impact.

  22. Bitezd01 says:

    My life changed completly beacause of teachings of Prophet Philip Banda via ITVN . Now I consider myself and my family as members of IFCM even we are so far from SA .The Sunday service LIVE is a grace of God for us , May God make ITVN &IFCM prosper and prosper.

  23. faithN says:

    Thank you God for my father prophet phillip banda.My husband has been sick for 3 months and we went to 5 different Doctors they could not understand the problem.The could ask us if he was involved in an ancident of which he didnt,by the grace of God the man of God started praying for my husband has writtting now my husband is able to walk again,he is healed.There is no sickness or disease God can not heal.Im so so blessed to part of impact and i thank you God for ITVN.Thank you Daddy for loving us so much and may God Almighty increase you abundantly.

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