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Prophet Philip Banda

Overseer, Impact For Christ Ministries

The Prophet to the Nations, a servant of the Almighty God, a great teacher of the Word, the Man of God, Prophet Philip Banda. There is no single word or sentence to describe him fully, as each person describes him according to his or her an encounter with him. Many names have been attributed to him over the years in the ministry and wherever he goes. His distinct attributes are endless, a humble servant of God who loves, obeys, adores and respects God. He is more characterized by loving people, loving Israel and adoration for the Jewish Nation. No matter the years we have spent with the Prophet, it will take God Almighty to truly reveal “who is among us”.

The Prophet has taught and covered a wide range of Biblical subjects and practical topics that affects our daily lives in this generation. Everyone listening to his teachings, whether live service in church, ITVN, via web stream, listening to a recorded message on CD or DVD, reading ECHOES of God magazine or the Prophet’s book (Christianity is Irresistible) is able to identify his or her problem as well as find the solution in the teaching.

Through the direct and uncompromised truth that has been taught by the Prophet over the years, the Bible has been simplified to the young and old, to the theologians, politicians, presidents, directors, professionals, business people, graduates as well as the man on the street. To the Prophet, this is what he was born to do, to introduce the God of Israel to the people and to point the Nations to Jesus Christ.

Among many diverse subjects that the Prophet has taught, he has also touched on a number of Biblical characters, revealing far much deeper meaning and God’s intended purpose insofar as our learnings is concerned. To name few characters, he has taught on Noah vs Moses, Isaac vs Ishmael, Jacob vs Esau, Abraham’s tests, King David’s life - the archives of his teachings are there to tell a rich story of the Prophet’s journey with God. It will take a couple of decades to put his work together, be it in books or in story telling or movies.

God Almighty has indeed blessed this generation with the Moses of its time. When reading the Bible, all the Kings of Israel had a Prophet behind them. Are we not a blessed generation to have a Prophet among us?