Become an ITVN partner and help impact the world.

Become an ITVN Partner

What it means when you are an ITVN Partner.

You are welcome to plant into the ministry of Impact for Christ Ministries, and join the ministry in the aim to reach out and touch many lives through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The seed you plant by donating helps accomplish the greater works of our Lord Jesus Christ that the ministry is engaged in. May God's abiding grace in our Lord Jesus Christ be upon you. Thank you for planting a good seed in faith. Stay in faith in Christ.
The seed that you plant will help mainly in the following areas:

  1. Satellite channel reach and expansion.
  2. Humanitarian Projects locally and internationally.
  3. Maintenance of the satellite services.


The Holy Land

Establish your future in God by taking part in The Holy Land project, for God shows mercy to a thousand generations of those who love Him.
  • Bank: First National Bank (FNB)
  • Account Name: Impact for Christ Ministries
  • Account Number: 622 799 08887
  • Ref: Holy Land & [Your Name]
  • Swift Code: FIRNZAJJXXX
  • Email:

How to become an ITVN Partner

ITVN Information DeskCollect the Partnership Form from the ITVN info Desk or alternatively, Download the form here. Fill & submit the form to ITVN. Download Form

Online via Paypal Sign up to be a partner and pay your contributions via PayPal Subscription

ITVN Partnership

Online FormComplete the Online Partnership Form. And as easy as that, you would have partnered with ITVN. Online Form

Once-off DonationMake a once-off donation at the ITVN Desk to the cause of those more in need, materially and spiritually.

For Assistance, Contact us on +27 11 334 4615 Email us at

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